Encourages academic excellence while fostering the belief and attitude that we can achieve even greater things.


Mission Statement

The Muskegon Heights Alumni Association, Inc. is authorized by the Muskegon Heights Public School Board of Education to organize the district graduates, former students and supporters and to develop and encourage their lifelong involvement with the district and each other through the sponsorship of relevant programs. 

The Muskegon Heights Alumni Association, Inc. will therefore seek to create, develop and foster programs, encourage individual, group and community interest, and participation in support of the district academic, athletic, music/band programs and other extra-curricular activities which are recognized as valued delivery systems of the district's overall education process.

The mission of the Muskegon Heights Alumni Association, Inc.  is to promote involvement and participation of its members in the planning and sponsorship of relevant programs and activities, which support and enhance the Muskegon Heights Public School's mission, "To educate students to become productive, responsible citizens."

The Muskegon Heights Alumni Association, Inc. will, by virtue of the district's mission and historic attendee and graduate client base, increase the value and esteem to its individual members in recognition of their successes and the Muskegon Heights Public Schools as their origin.

Tiger Pride!

Muskegon Heights Alumni Association, Inc.