‚Äč2015 - Hall of Fame Banquet

Acknowledges recipients with awards in the categories of outstanding academic achievement within their professional/technical field are inducted into the "Hall of Honor."  Recipients are also acknowledged for their work done within the community and are awarded a "Community Service" award.  Recipients are also inducted into the "Sports Hall of Fame" for their outstanding accomplishment achieved in their extracurricular sporting events and their personal conduct on and off of the court or field.

2015 - Hall of Honor Honoree's

Malita Travis Johnson - Therapist, c/o 1970

Jeremy Wright - Accountant, c/o 1995

Phillip Cummings - Attorney, c/o 1978

Gregory Pittman - Judge, c/o 1979

Bryant Viverette - Management, c/o 1991

2015 - Student Athlete of the Year

The 2014-2015 Muskegon Heights Girls Basketball Team

2015 - Community Service Honoree's

Paul Allen

Kim Sims

2015 - Coach of the Year

Cory Chandler

2015 - Distinguished Award Honoree

Mr. John E. Sydnor

2015 - Hall of Sports Fame Honoree's

Sherryia Armstrong - Allstate Girls Basketball, c/o 2007

Kelsey Wilson - Allstate Basketball Player, c/o 1993

 Ossie McCarty - Basketball Player, c/o 1958

Carl Russ - Football Player, c/o 1971

Lloyd Swelnis - Football, Basketball, Track and Baseball, c/o 1957

Trinity Townsend - Track Star, c/o 1992

Muskegon Heights - 1954 State Championship Basketball Team

Muskegon Heights Alumni Association, Inc.