Clubs that have existed in Muskegon Heights School District:

Art Club

Athletic Board of Control

Beaux Club

Booster Club

Commercial Club

Debate Club

Drama Club

Forensic Club

French Club

Glee Club - Boys

Glee Club - Girls

Golf Club

Heights High Herald Staff


Junior Girls Reserve

Library Club

Oak Staff Board

Orchestra Club

Peppy Booster Club

Radio Club

Science Club

Senior Girls Reserve


The first school board members:

Mr. F. H. Cashbaugh, President

Mr. G. C. Jascheck, Treasurer    

Mr. H. E. Lowes, Secretary

Mrs. W. J. Carl, Trustee

Mr. R. S. Dawes, Trustee


Leon L. Tyler - The first superintendent of Muskegon Heights School District

Cornelius F. Bolt - The first principal of Muskegon Heights High


Muskegon Heights Public Schools opened with 16 students.


First graduating class.

Class of 1940

Chose orange and black as the school colors.

Chose the tiger as the school mascot.

School Fight Song

Tigers, hold the line, hold the line

Tigers, now's the time, now's the time

Drive on, strive on, we must make a score

For Heights High school as we did before

Tigers, throw a pass, throw a pass

We must win this game

So we must FIGHT, FIGHT, fight until we win another Heights High victory!

Muskegon Heights High School
2002- Present
Renamed Muskegon Heights Academy

Muskegon Heights High School
1921 - 2002

Muskegon Heights Alumni Association, Inc.